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Servo Stabilizer (Single phase)

servo stabilizer manufacturers in bangalore

Servo Stabilizer (Single phase)

June 2, 2018   0 Comments

Voltage Stabilizers are classified into single phase and three phase servo voltage stabilizers. However, the major components of a Servo Voltage Stabilizer include a motorized variable transformer,





controller, and a buck-boost transformer. With the high-quality material used in the manufacturing process, we are marked as the Best Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer in Bangalore.

Also, with the solid-state electronic circuitry and the use of components like MCB and MCCB are used for the protection purpose against short circuit and overloading. We the Single Phase Servo Stabilizer Manufacturers in Bangalore uses the synchronizing motor in the manufacturing process to achieve the effective voltage correction to provide a stabled output. If you are looking for the prominent manufacturers or highly efficient Servo Stabilizers, then you have landed in the perfect place.

We are well-known Single Phase Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer in Bangalore which provides various electronic devices and aims to meet or fulfill the industrial as well as residential needs. The Servo Voltage Stabilizer is designed with the principle of providing a constant output voltage in order to ensure the long life of the various electronic applications or electric equipment. We aim to provide the devices for the smooth performance of electric appliances, lower maintenance, and high productivity.

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage Range 170-270V AC, 50 Hz
Output Voltage  230V AC 50 Hz 1 Phase
Output regulation
Operating Frequency 47 to 53 Hz
Wave-form distortion Nil
Power factor effect Nil
Line regulation 1%
Load regulation ± 1%
Type of cooling Natural Air-cooled
System Construction As per IS:9815
Output wave -form True reproduction of Input
Response Time 10 milli sec.
Servo Motor Drive rugged ac step synchronous moto
Efficiency 98.5%
Enclosure P32


  • High voltage protection – with Relay / Contactor
  • Low voltage protection –  with Relay / Contactor
  • Overload protection – with MCB
  • Short circuit protection – with MCB

Input Connection

  • 1 & 2 KVA – Power Card with Plug Top
  • 3 KVA to 10 KVA with Connectors
  • Above 10 KVA nut & bolt termination

Indication on Front Panel

  • Input ON
  • Output ON
  • Output CUT-OFF
  • Input LOW
  • Input HIGH
  • O-300 V 72 Sq. mm analog meter to read output voltage

Output Connection

  • 1 & 2 KVA – Sockets
  • 3 KVA to 10 KVA with Connectors
  • Above 10 KVA nut & bolt termination


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