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Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer 3 Phase Air Cooled

Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer 3 Phase Air Cooled

June 2, 2018   0 Comments

We provide a wide range of servo voltage stabilizers which is used for various electronic applications in residences, factories, and industries.





Three Phase Air Cooled Servo Stabilizer is manufactured with high-quality material and air-cooled technology. We are one of the Best Air CooledServo Stabilizer Dealers in Bangalore aim to provide various devices for the effective working of the electronic appliances.

The Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer uses the synchronizing motor and the buck-boost transformer in order to achieve the main functioning of the voltage stabilizer. Our company is counted amongst various Three Phase Air Cooled Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers in India. It includes an audio alarm for protection purpose and also has a short circuit and overload protection circuitry. We have designed Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer which provides high efficiency to gain maximum from the electrical device.

We are one of the well-known Air Cooled Servo Stabilizer Manufacturers in Bangalore and provide a wide range of devices with the use of the synchronous motor, solid-state circuitry, and air-cooled technology. It includes protection circuitry with MCB and a wide range of electronic components which is effectively designed to achieve the standard output voltage.

The necessity of using servo voltage stabilizer and transformer with sensitive electrical and electronic equipment is well known to all. None of us like costlier appliances, electrical equipment, CNC machine, medical equipment, motor lab equipment, etc. by connecting AC voltages which are fluctuating. So, to stabilize the voltage effectively, 3 phase voltage stabilizer is manufactured. For manufacturing world-class servo voltage stabilizer, Saveawatt is now becoming one of the top servo stabilizer manufacturers in Bangalore.

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage Range  300- 460V / 340- 480V / 360- 460V AC 3 Ph
Operating Frequency 47 to 53 Hz
Output Voltage Adjustable 380 to 415V AC ¡n 3 Ph
Output Voltage (3 Ph) 415V AC
System: Unbalanced 4 wire R Y B N
Connections  Star
Overload Capacity  120%
Correction Rate  30 / 25V per Sec-3 Phase
Output Voltage Regulation 1% (No Load)
Output Voltage Regulation  ± 1% (Full Load)
Short Circuit period & Percentage 300% for 250 Milli Sec.
Waveform Distortion  Nil
Output Waveform  True Reproduction of Input
Insulation Class F
Normal Operation Temperature  0° C to 45° C
Type of Cooling  Natural air-cooled up to 200 KVA
Climate Conditions  90% Rh Max. Non-Condensing at 35°C
Mode of system  Fully Automatic
System Construction As per IS : 9815 — 1994



  • Single Phasing Prevention
  • Output Electronic Over Load Protection
  • Phase Reversal Protection
  • Input Short Circuit Protection with MCB
  • Input Over Load Protection with MCB
  • Output Low Voltage Protection
  • Output High Voltage Protection
  • Audio Alarm for Protections


  • Input on 3 LED Indications
  • 3ph output on indication
  • Phase Reversal indication
  • Over Load indication

Indications in LCD Display

  • Input High and Input low
  • Output on indication
  • Output high Cutoff and Output Low Cutoff
  • Micro Controller version.

Programmable Controls

  • Display Scrolling Auto / Manual
  • Start / Stop Buttons

Menu / Start / Stop I Reset / Log Button

Data Log: Last 100 fault events log with Date & Time stamp and works on ElFO basis.

Very Important For CSD Analysis Problems


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