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Power Conditioner (Servo with Isolation Transformer)

power conditioner manufacturer in bangalore

Power Conditioner (Servo with Isolation Transformer)

June 2, 2018   0 Comments

We are well-known Electric Power Conditioner manufacturers eliminate major disturbances occurred by the high range of electrical appliances.





Furthermore, Servo Stabilizer with Isolation Transformer is considered as the major component to design and manufacture Power Conditioners. This device enhances the quality of the power which should be delivered for the running of various electronic appliances.

The Isolation Transformers are used as a step up or step down or 1:1 Isolation Transformer at the input end before Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers. The various electronic applications which use Power Conditioner with Servo Isolation Transformer are CNC machines, Oil and Vanaspati Plants, Photocopier, Precision Industries, Elevators, Medical equipment, etc. Thus, the Power Conditioner (Servo with Isolation Transformer) provides a stable output voltage under severely unbalanced voltage fluctuations.

We the leading Isolation Transformer Manufacturer in Bangalore offers a unit which is most suitable for the rural and semi-developed areas. Servo Stabilizer with Isolation Transformer eliminates common mode and all types of electrical noises. The isolation transformer is used to supply the current from one circuit to the other circuit with the decoupling process. We as the Electric Power Conditioner manufacturers ensure to use the high-quality components and design the products based on efficient and quality standards.

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage Range  : 300 – 460V / 340 – 480V / 360 – 460V AC 3 Ph
Response time : 10 milliseconds
System Connections : Delta / Star
Speed of correction : 30/ 25V per Sec. with AC motor 105 V / Sec. with DC motor
Out put : 415 / 200V 3ph as per requirement
Insulation  : class H
Power Factor  : 0.75 Lead to 0.75 Lag
Ratios : 1:1 and 2:1
Regulation  : Better than 3.5 %
Di-electric Strength  : 3KV for 60 sec
Coupling Capacitance  : 0.01 PF for 100 Db
Insulation Resistance : Better than 1000 Mega Ohms
Common Mode Attenuation  : 100 Db / 120 Db
Leakage Current : Less than 20 Micro Amps
Type of Execution : Closed Type
Operating Temperature  : 0° C to 45° C
Construction Standards  : As per IS 2026 Port I & Il
Type of cooling  : Natural air / Forced air


Most Suitable for

  • CNC Machines
  • Telecommunication Equipments
  • Bio Medical Equipments
  • Large Computer Installations
  • Printing Machinery
  • Scientific Equipments
  • Cell Phone Networks
  • Garment Equipments
  • Textile
  • Machineries … and many more.

Salient Features

High reliability

  • Uses solid state control circuits
  • Synchronous motor drive
  • No warm – up time
  • No relays
  • Professional grade lCs and Components are used

Trouble free operation

  • Quick response time 10 milli sec (half a cycle)
  • Efficiency, Low losses, Low temperature rise and Withstands in all dimatic conditions
  • Provides perfectly stable output power even under sever conditons of voltage fluctuations
  • Zero wave -form distortion
  • unaffected by load power factor
  • Ruggedized construction
  • Enclosure – P32. Mounting – Floor Mounted / Free on Wheel
  •  Servo Motor Drive – Rugged ac step synchronous motor


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